It is not sure how long C60 is available

For the moment we have enough C60 in olive, coconut and pumpkin oil, but as the Coronavirus is progressing worldwide, supply chains are becoming interrupted, so we are not sure how long we can offer the oils. Don’t wait to long for getting your supply for the next 6 months. As many experts of the alternative scene are declaring, it is vital for each person to boost the immune system, so that you are less vulnerable to this and other  viruses. It seems that the best prevention products are Vitamin C (ca. 2 g per day), C60 (up to 1 TS per day) and Chaga mushroom powder. Make your C60 order now and if you are interested I can also supply you with a good organic Chaga powder 145 gr for 39 CHF. Vitamin C you can get in your drugstore or online.

Es ist nicht sicher, wie lange C60 verfügbar ist

Im Moment haben wir weiterhin C60 in Oliven-, Kokos- und Kürbisöl, aber da das Coronavirus weltweit grassiert, werden Lieferketten unterbrochen, sodass wir nicht sicher sind, wie lange wir die Öle noch anbieten können. Warte nicht zu lange, um Deinen Vorrat für die nächsten 6 Monate zu besorgen. Wie viele Experten der alternativen Szene erklären, ist es für Dich wichtig, Dein Immunsystem zu stärken, damit Du weniger anfällig für dieses und andere Viren bist. Es scheint, dass die besten natürlichen Präventionsprodukte Vitamin C (ca. 2 g pro Tag), C60 (bis zu 1 TS pro Tag) und Chaga-Pilzpulver sind. Mache jetzt Deine C60-Bestellung und wenn Du Interesse hast, können wir Dir auch ein gutes Bio-Chaga-Pulver 145 gr für 39 CHF liefern. Vitamin C erhältst Du in der Drogerie, Apotheke oder online.


C60 longevity

Get stronger in sports

sportOne of the biggest challenges for athletes is recovery time after an intensive workout. What diminishes an athlete’s performance? MUSCLE FATIGUE! Oxidative stress, aka muscle fatigue is an athlete’s number one enemy. During exercise, oxygen consumption can increase by a factor of more than 10. This leads to a large increase in the production of oxidants and results in damage that contributes to muscular fatigue during and after exercise. The inflammatory response that occurs after strenuous exercise is also associated with oxidative stress, especially in the 24 hours after an exercise session. The immune system response to the damage done by exercise peaks 2 to 7 days after the session. If you increase the body’s ability to overcome oxidative stress with a much higher concentration of antioxidants, almost all forms of muscle fatigue and soreness due to oxidative stress are erased. Carbon 60 Olive Oil supports the reduction of oxidative stress. All athletes can benefit from this, no matter the skill level, professional, division one, high school, gym goers, to youth, help is here! Experience the performance difference of C60 Oil today (Available in olive, coconut and pumpkin oil).