C60 gegen Coronavirus

Obwohl keine Panik in Betracht auf den Coronavirus angesagt ist, muss man sich schon im klaren sein, dass die Bevölkerung weltweit davon betroffen werden könnte. Ob es sich bei dem Virus um eine Bio-Waffe zur Depopulation handelt oder nicht, ist dabei Nebensache. Wenn China eine 11-Millionen-Stadt wie Wuhan (grösser als New York) und andere grosse Städte in Quarantäne stellt, ist die Lage sicher ernst.

Wie kann man sich vor solchen und auch anderen Epidemien und Krankheiten schützen? Mit einem intakten Immunsystem. Wie aus Presseberichten hervorgeht, sind viele der ersten Coronavirus-Opfer in China Menschen, die schon gesundheitlich angeschlagen waren oder ein schwaches Immunsystem hatten. Wir möchten in diesem Zusammengang darauf hinweisen, dass mit der Einnahme von C60 in Oliven-, Kokos- oder Kürbiskernöl eine starke Verbesserung des Immunsystems erreicht werden kann. Zudem gilt Carbon 60 (C60)  als der effektivste Radikalfänger. Es ist ein 172-mal wirksameres Antioxidans als Vitamin C, das in der Lage ist, oxidativen Stress zu bekämpfen, das Wachstum von Viren zu hemmen und Entzündungen vorzubeugen. Zudem wirkt C60 verjüngend, hilft Schwermetalle und Gifte aus dem Körper zu entfernen und vermindert die schädliche Wirkung von 5G und anderem Electrosmog. Wir haben jetzt bei c60switzerland alle vier Oele an Lager (C60 in griechischem und italienschem Bio-Olivenöl, in Bio-Kokosöl und in Bio-Kürbiskernöl aus Oesterreich). Bitte bestelle jetzt, solange wir noch Vorrat haben, wir wissen nicht wie gross die Nachfrage in den nächsten Wochen sein wird. Weitere Infos, Videos und Erfahrungsberichte in Deutsch und Englisch siehe weiter unten.

Hier geht’s zum BESTELLFORMULAR.


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No. 1: C60 in organic GREEK Olive Oil:
100 ml CHF 60.00 (statt 70.00)

Each bottle contains: 100 ml of fully saturated C60 oil (0.08 mg / ml) of 99.99% Ultra High Purity C60 from SES in Organic, Award Winning, Greek Olive Oil, called MANI who is the pioneer of organic olive oil in Greece. MANI olive oil comes from the Koroneiki olive, harvested by hand and exclusively cold extracted to achieve the highest quality. Only the best olive oils from small family farms who cultivate their olive groves traditionally and organically are selected to be part of the MANI brand.

No. 3: C60 in organic Coconut Oil:
150 ml CHF 60.00 (statt 70.00)

Each 150 ml bottle contains 0.09 g of C60 99.99% from SES in Virgin MCT Oil (C8 : C10) and Organic Coconut in a 80%/20% ratio. Please note MCT oil needs to be taken with food and in low (2.5ml) regular (three a day) doses when you first start consuming it. This is due to the way it metabolizes in the body, which can cause uncomfortable stomach and other side effects. This has nothing to do with the C60. Some C60 will settle out of solution over time, so please ensure you shake well before each use.

Why the bigger bottle? It is NOT possible to dissolve 0.09g of C60 in 100ml of coconut oil due to the oils low viscosity, it is less soluble than in any of the other C60 oils available. We have now developed a more concentrated formula, but more oil. The guide dose is 7.5ml, giving you 20 servings per bottle.

Why Coconut Oil? Vegans, Vegetarians or Low red meat eaters may not be getting the full benefits of C60 Oil due to potentially low Carnitine levels. Carnitine is an Amino Acid found in Red Meat. Carnitine helps move more fatty acids into your cells and the Mitochondria within the cells to be burned for energy. Coconut / MCT (Medium Chain Tryglycerides) do not need carnitine to be present for this biochemical reaction to take place.

Taking C60 in Coconut oil may help improve energy, burn more fat for fuel aiding to weight loss and have many other potential benefits related to Mitochondrial health and general well being.

No. 4: C60 in organic Pumpkin Oil:
100 ml CHF 60.00 (statt 70.00)

Each Bottle Contains: 100 ml of C60 oil – 0.08 g of 99.99% Ultra High Purity C60 from SES in Organic, Award Winning, Pumpkin Seed Oil from Austria. 99.99% Ultra High Purity C60 in The Finest Award Winning, Austrian, Organic, Pumpkin Seed Oil. Made with Sensational, Happy, Energetic Intention and Finished with Therapeutic Sound Vibrations. Please note that the Use By Date of This Product is shorter due to the Organic qualities of the Pumpkin Seed Oil. Once opened, please consume within 6 weeks to experience the best flavour of the oil.

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To protect the product from degradation, we recommend storing the oil in a place where it is protected from both heat and light, such as a cupboard away from the stove or any other heat generating appliances. Do not refrigerate Olive or Coconut MCT Oil. While refrigeration is harmless, placing the oil in a refrigerator will cause it to congeal in an unappealing way. If this happens, simply bring the oil back to room temperature and it will return to its normal consistency.

Pumpkin Seed oil should be keep under 16 degrees and can be stored in the fridge, especially during the warmer months of the year. When stored properly, an unopened bottle of Carbon 60 olive oil has a shelf life of up to two years. Once opened, we recommend using within 30-60 days for maximum quality.

C60 longevity

Get stronger in sports

sportOne of the biggest challenges for athletes is recovery time after an intensive workout. What diminishes an athlete’s performance? MUSCLE FATIGUE! Oxidative stress, aka muscle fatigue is an athlete’s number one enemy. During exercise, oxygen consumption can increase by a factor of more than 10. This leads to a large increase in the production of oxidants and results in damage that contributes to muscular fatigue during and after exercise. The inflammatory response that occurs after strenuous exercise is also associated with oxidative stress, especially in the 24 hours after an exercise session. The immune system response to the damage done by exercise peaks 2 to 7 days after the session. If you increase the body’s ability to overcome oxidative stress with a much higher concentration of antioxidants, almost all forms of muscle fatigue and soreness due to oxidative stress are erased. Carbon 60 Olive Oil supports the reduction of oxidative stress. All athletes can benefit from this, no matter the skill level, professional, division one, high school, gym goers, to youth, help is here! Experience the performance difference of C60 Oil today (Available in olive, coconut and pumpkin oil).