One more testimony

C60 + H2 has saved my uncle for now. He was an alcoholic who has cirrhosis of the liver. He has HCC. (Liver cancer). He was put on hospice due to the fact they could not medically treat him. They said it was end stage. He was to a point he could not walk and was In constant pain. I went to see him because I wanted to see him before he left us. I brought a bottle of C60 and H2 tablets. I told him I didn’t know if they would help him but I thought it was worth a try. I also told him not to tell his hospice nurse. His caregiver hid it in another cupboard and promised to give it to him. I had him drink H2 water then take a tablespoon of C60 in the am. Well 2 weeks later he had me bring him another bottle. He was kind of walking with a walker and had a tad bit more energy. It was amazing! Fast forward 3 months he walks just fine. He has even gone hiking. He has his color back in his skin and a ton of energy. He has had no ammonia problems since he stated. He is a new man with a second chance at live. Amazing! – M.W.

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